Never Let Me Go – EP

by Summer Heart



released May 2, 2011


all rights reserved


Track Name: Broken Hearts
There's love underneath my bed. I lay down here just waiting for you. I wanted this to last to mean something. I'm not alone I'm just a dreamer.

My kindest dear, did you just follow me? I loved your talk, but now it's time to go. I need your heart. I wanted you to give your love to me. It's time to go back home with broken hearts. Did you just call on me? I love your voice! Now it's time to hope for one last dance. And then I have to go without your love. It's time to say goodbye.
Track Name: Time For A Dreamer
I had a dream with summer love, but ice broke down the heat and all. I went to bed with summer hope, but ice came down and held my hand.

Time for a dreamer. This is the time for a dreamer.
Track Name: Please Stay
She found me, Summer, cause she needed me to be the one. She's longing for some sun and late nights in some arms with love. Who doesn't like that, and what right to say about her choice. A summer skin with freckles, beautiful, I love it all!

My summer love, your heart is warm, and I believe that we have found the perfect match of summer hearts. Is there a way to make it stay!?
Track Name: I Miss You
You've been playing all day to the night. I've been playing along to the night. I've been roaming all dreams for the light. I noticed, I might go. Allright I know this love was meant to hurt.

The time in my heart. I miss you. The tide in my heart. I miss you
Track Name: The North
I got lost for awhile. Since I'm gone I can hear summer nights but I can't go there.

Still, I'm waiting for your call. I'm longing for a talk. With you, I you. Did you ever feel the same for me?
Track Name: Simple Minds
Still I need some more time by myself before I figure you out. Still I need some more love from my girl before I've figured it out. Still I want one more chance, a romance, before I figure her out. I need some time to think. I need a simple mind. A simple touch. A heart of love I truly found. I got your touch with a smile. A heart of love I truly found. I got your touch.
Track Name: Who Said That Time Was All We Had
Who said that time was all we had. I know you from before. But ah, you still ignore me. The others go alone. End all this time I shared with all the things you told me.

Who said that time was all we had.

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