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Track Name: My Forever Smile
I still believe. The days I shared I still don't know what I forgot. I still believe in the days I spent for my love. Forever smile and come along, far.
Track Name: Come With Me
There is something that only we know. It is Septembers dawn, I'll show you the show. It's like the music going our way. You'll never see anything at all.

Come with me. I'll tell you things that make you wanna scream. If you wanna laugh I'll give you happiness and love, so come with me.
Track Name: I Wanna See The Sunset
Killing me for letting go. I know this high was meant for us . I know it's time to let her go. I know it's time to let it show. I wanna see the sunset. I wanna hear the fall scream. I wanna go without her. I leave in cause she's always going.
Track Name: It's Been A While
It's been a while since all that crossing, came to you. I've travelled far and hearts and lovers became true. So gloomy nights, still catch me young and I will die. So lovers eyes come back, you have one try to hide.